Prices are $900 and up and are based on color, size, and demand. 
We guarantee that you will be adopting one of the friendliest, most loving kittens you will ever find. 

If you know of someone who says, " I don't like cats ", well, they have never met one of ours. Our babies have puppy personalities. 


We are now accepting deposits on these babies,  $100 holds the baby of your dreams


Female Blue Smoke

Rare Color

Smoke is a very rare color and is not commonly seen in the kitten population. We are so excited to have this little girl. She is quite the charmer and has been "talking" since birth. 

Cats with this coloring are very dramatic and will make everyone stop and stare. When they move, the hair parts and the white undercoat can be seen. The full beauty of these cats may not be seen until the adult coat comes in at 2 years, but until then you can watch as the coat changes colors getting ready for adulthood. 

Available for ​$900
$100 deposit will hold her for you


This little floof is a black smoke and white bi color. She  is always on the move and very nosey, even when she couldnt see a darn thing.

Available for​ ​$1500




Male Silver and White

This baby is almost too pretty to be a boy. He is simply gorgeous and will have an amazing coat as an adult. If you want a kitten that you can show off, this boy is the one. Guaranteed to make people stop and stare. 

​Available for $900

Baby Bleu

Super Tiny Little Guy

Look at this little guys face. Don't you just want to eat him up?  He is so fluffy and adorable, I can't stand it. The tiniest of the whole litter, he's mellow and sweet. He has an extreme face and resembles his daddy. This is onbe of the cutest kittens we have ever had- LOVE him

​Available for $900


Beautiful tabby baby who will have a coat of many colors. She/he is an outgoing little one who will not stay still. Always looking for her next adventure. 

​Available for $900


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