Paww Padds

Loved and cared for by Veterinary Technicians​​

​Thank you for your interest in our beloved kittens! We strive to only provide the most healthy and friendly (& cutest!) kittens in the area. Please note, we do not have more than one or two litters at a time. We do so to ensure the kittens and parents have our undivided attention, therefore, leaving you with a beautiful and loving new addition to your family! 

Animals have always been a a huge part of our lives. We cannot remember a time where there wasn't at least two animals in the household. Dogs, bunnies, hampsters and even snakes (just to name a few), but cats/kittens have always been our first love. They are the reason we went to The Dunes Veterinary Technician Institute and were taught under Dr. Harold Okone. 

Together, we have 35 years of experience! After a long career working under the best veterinarians, we decided to follow our heart and start breeding Pure Bred Persians. We could not have made a better choice because we absolutely love what we do! 

We strive to create a kitten that has the best of both worlds - 

Right now there are two types of Persians - The "Peke Face" (pushed in) that are found in the show rings; and the "Doll Face" (pointier) that are not. Although the Peke Face kittens are adorable, they come with health issues. These breeders are looking for the extremely small nose that sits directly between the eyes giving the "pushed in" look. Many of these cats have what is called Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAC). This refers to an upper set of  airway abnormalities that causes breathing problems for their entire life unless medications or surgery is preformed. Extra runny eyes is also caused by BAC. The doll face is known to have minimal eye drainage and does not have breathing issue's, but their look is more pointed much like the domestic house cat and does not resemble the Persian of today. 

Don't get me wrong, both types are wonderful, amazing cats. The perfect breed in our opinion. I just prefer less health issue's - not more. The choice is yours and there is no wrong choice. Either way, you will have a friend for life. These cats are amazing and the above is our opinion only. 

Here at Paw Pads, we want to create a kitten that has the look of a pushed face but with larger noses that sit lower on the face like the doll faced. The best of both worlds!  

We are a DNA tested Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) negative cattery. All of our cats are also negative for Feline Leukemia/FIV and are Ringworm free.