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Paww Padds

We have no kittens at this time. Please check back in November for 2 new litters. To be on our waiting list, just send us a text. First choice male is available and second choice female is available. 

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CFA Winsleys Hammy of Pawpads

Winsleys Hammy Spammy of Pawpads

This is out amazing boy. The one and only Hammy.  With him, we do not need another sire. He is built like a tank with a short, stocky body and a huge, huge coat. Being a smoke, he changes colors with the seasons. Look at his expressive eyes. 
Our big boy has many, many nicknames.

Some of the kids call him Hamburger where we, the adults, stick with Hammy except when he is being a little bug and getting into trouble. Then we are forced to call him Spammy. Thats is his alter-ego, his evil twin but we love him so. 

Baby Ham with his daddy,
CFA Bella Nocha Ben of Winsley

Hammy at 14 weeks