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Persian Kittens For Sale in Orlando,Florida​​
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Paww Padds

We have new kittens and are so excited to say that we have been blessed with some amazing and uncommon color combinations.  ​Photos are coming soon

This site updated on 5.22.18​

When you receive your kitten, it will have been examined by a licensed veterinarian who will issue a Florida State health certificate as required by law, to guarantee the kitten is in great health when being presented to you.The baby will have all age appropriate testing, vaccinations, and dewormings and will be parasite and fungus free

Please make sure you check out our information page before inquiring about one of the kittens. 

Ready to meet the babies?

We are a closed cattery

A closed cattery can mean two different things. Both types fit us here at Pawpads. The first being that we do not allow or use stud service. Basically, this  means that we do not bring in any cats to be bred with our cats. We also do not allow our cats to go outside of our home. Doing either of these would expose all of our cats and kittens to disease and illness.

The second is that we do not allow visitors into our home until the kittens have been vaccinated. Everyone loves the Persian and wants to see and play with them. We used to allow this but can not anymore for several reasons. Most importantly is that people can bring in disease or illness in with them such as fleas and ringworm to name a few. We do not have that now and want to keep it that way. 
Pawpads is not a pet shop or a petting zoo. Our cats health and well being is our first priority and we will not put them at risk.  With all the time involved in caring for our Persians, not to mention the time it takes raising 4 teenagers, well, there is just not enough time in the day to sit around and play. 

Finally, in this day and age, we are very concerned for our childrens safety. That is one reason we  do not post our children's photos on our site. We will send you many photo's and even video of your new baby until they are medically cleared for a home visits.